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Excellent Content.
Stellar Business Results.

We’re a boutique content marketing agency that’s hyper-focused on results. With Purple Chia, you don’t just get content that sounds good but that also works hard for you and your business 24/7 - bringing you a healthy flow of traffic, leads and inquiries.


Through carefully strategized, SEO-optimized blogs, ebooks, web content and thought leadership articles, we’ll make sure you and/ or your business gets into your prospect’s minds and stays there. 


We offer one thing (in 3 different ways):
Content that will bring you leads.

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Creative Content, Backed By Data

Our unique 4-step content creating and strategy process - developed through working with hundreds of B2B, tech, startups and other businesses - ensures that you’ll get relevant traffic and highly qualified leads that you can pass on to your sales teams. 


“Working with Purple Chia exceeded all expectations… the tasks were challenging and the goals were high, but the team nailed it, and were super-fast too.”

-Ran Kern, Co-Founder, Augmind

To AI or Not To AI

Everyone is thinking it, so we might as well say it  - why can’t you just write your own content with AI?

You can use tools like Chat GPT to write your own content but we don’t recommend it! AI tools are amazing for some things and yes, we use them in an appropriate way. But, they can’t replicate human creativity with its quirks and nuances that come across as authentic and interesting to your target audience. AI output alone tends to be bland and lacks originality, but AI content tools can be great assistants when it comes to doing research, editing and brainstorming ideas.

While we’ll always stay on top of AI content best practices and monitor the latest tools so we can use them to save us time and you money, we ALWAYS strategize using our own brains and NEVER copy-paste AI content or use it exclusively!

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Image by Carlos Muza

Results you can see! 

Lots of companies hire content writers and then give up after a while because they don’t see results. At Purple Chia, we track everything so you can see results in the form of downloads, followers, traffic and revenue. People say you can’t track results from content but we have our methods.

The Division of Labor

(it’s in your favor)


What We Do:

  • Learn all the ins and outs of your business and goals​

  • Develop a detailed content strategy

  • Conduct keyword and topic research

  • Write and track the content

  • Provide a monthly report


What You Do:

  • Attend 1 kick-off meeting

  • Copy and paste the finished content into your content management system

  • Sit back and watch the leads roll in!

Ready to Discuss Your Content Needs?

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