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Where Data and Creativity Meet to Spark Massive Business Growth

Your company’s content should do more than just bring you traffic;  it should consistently generate qualified leads month after month.

Purple Chia combines creative digital writing skills with solid data and research to transform your content from merely attracting views to actively bringing in new customers. Through in-depth research and SEO analysis, we pinpoint your target audience's needs and tailor content that resonates with them. 

We create a content strategy specifically designed to nurture leads at every stage of the buyer's journey.

We audit your existing content, analyzing traffic patterns and competitor strategies to identify opportunities. This comprehensive approach ensures your content speaks directly to your ideal customer, pushing them further down the sales funnel and ultimately generating qualified leads, month after month.

Are you wondering why on earth “Purple Chia”?

First rule of branding – pick a name that’s memorable (we think we did that pretty well!) 


We were inspired by Christopher McDougall’s book, “Born to Run”

where he tells the story of an ancient tribe of super-runners who fuel their 48-hour running escapades on a drink comprised of chia seeds. Though tiny and seemingly insignificant, the chia seed contains a stock of nutrients capable of fueling extreme growth – kind of like what happens to your business when you start working with us.

Also, we happen to look good in purple!

Team Purple Chia

What do you get when you cross an American and a Brit who love to write? 
Team Purple Chia, of course!

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Emily Kirschenbaum

Emily Kirschenbaum has an MBA from Bar-Ilan University, a successful track record in fundraising and a keen business mind. She brings a wealth of business acumen and deep insight to every project and will make sure your words are on point and help you achieve your business aims.

(Oh, she’s the American one)

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Debbie Friedman

Debbie Friedman has a MA in Literature and a background in IT consulting. She offers a rare combination of linguistic talent alongside a deep understanding of technology and its place in a changing world. She’ll bring your business story to life no matter how “boring” it is.

(Oh, and she’s a Brit.)

Enough About Us…

This is about you and how you can leverage content to get genuine business results. Click through to our services page and learn how we help businesses like yours grow leads, traffic and followers through content.

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