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The Chia Chronicles

What’s in a Name Anyway?

Updated: Apr 30

Naming a business is a lot like naming a child. Only maybe even more stressful. When my husband and I named our kids, we thought about who we wanted to name them after, but also what the implications might be. While I was very close with my grandfather who died when I was 8, I couldn’t really fathom naming my son Bela. It may have worked for a Hungarian man born in the early 1900’s, but for a child born in America in 2004 it just wasn’t going to happen.

And it felt so permanent. Whatever name we chose, that was it. The child has that name forever and ever and whatever associations people have with that name will be applied to that child. The same goes for a business. In most cases, the first time someone hears about a particular company all they may know is the name. So there were a few things that we wanted to keep in mind when naming our company:

  1. Memorable – we wanted a name that would be hard to forget. A current client has referred to us as “those Chia girls” – so maybe they can’t remember the whole name, but we will take it! If someone comes across our website or is told about us at a time that they are not in need of our services, we want it to be a name that sticks in their minds so that when the time comes that they ARE in need of amazing content writing, they will think “oh, I better call those Purple Chia folks!”

  2. Meaningful – we could have combined any random words together to create something memorable, but we also wanted there to be a message behind the name. A chia seed is a tiny seed that contains tons of nutrients, antioxidants and other little nuggets of nutrition that can fuel your body and make it stronger. In fact, the word “chia” means “strength” in Mayan (the use of chia seeds originated in Mexico and Aztec and Mayan cultures). In the same way that ancient warriors used chia seeds to increase their energy and strength, you – as a small business or start-up – can use Purple Chia to help inject your business with renewed energy and vitality. We may be a small team of two people, but with our combined brains and creativity we are a force to be reckoned with. And you may be a small business or a marketing team of one, but, with the right words and marketing, you have the power to make a huge impact.

  3. Melodious – ok that might be pushing it, but I needed another “m” word. We wanted a name that rolls off the tongue nicely. Say “purple chia” out loud a few times…it sounds nice, right? You could almost turn it into a chant or a song.

So there you have it. We wanted to be memorable, meaningful, and melodious – and we think we nailed it with the name Purple Chia.


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