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The Chia Chronicles

The Agtech Sales Deck or One-Pager (Part 2 of 5)

Updated: Apr 30

Once you’ve secured at least one round of investment and are at the MVP stage or further ahead, generating sales will become your primary focus. 

A Good All-rounder 

A compelling reason to create a sales deck or one-pager is that it gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Even the best and most experienced sales team need content to help them do their job. A ready-created slide deck and/or one-page sales document written to showcase your company’s solution in the most appealing way is crucial for:

  1. Sales Calls – the sales team can either present the deck or use it to guide the conversation 

  2. Lead Generation – cold leads can be followed up on by sending a more detailed one-pager

  3. Emails and other marketing materials –  Creating an effective one-pager is a challenging task but effort well-spent. This is because it’s an exercise in saying much with very few words. Once you’ve nailed the language and the message in as few words as possible, you’ll realize you have some great sentences and taglines that will fit beautifully into your other marketing materials and emails, saving you time further down the line. 

In The Eyes Of The Customer 

When creating your sales deck or one-pager it’s critical that you put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes. You might think you should write about how great your product is but this is of no interest to your customer. Remember that all your customer really wants to know is how you will help them. Customers are problem-driven and seek solutions to their most pervasive issues. If you show that your product can solve their problems, you are strongly boosting your chances of making the sale. Too many startups focus their sales pitch and one-pager on how amazing their product or service is without giving enough airtime to how it will improve the lives of their prospects. This is a big fail that we want you to avoid! 

Don’t be shy and definitely don’t hold back when describing the benefits of your product/ service to the customer. You will want to paint a strong image in the prospect’s mind of how their life/ job can be better, easier, and more efficient with your product. Writing this way (copywriting) needs significant forethought, research, and planning but it will pay dividends.

Have You Got Your Elevator Pitch?

A good sales page or deck will incorporate your elevator pitch – that one sentence that perfectly expresses what you do and just rolls off the tongue when you are asked for more information. You’d be surprised at how many opportunities are lost because companies simply can’t articulate what they do in one clean sentence. If your entire team can memorize the elevator pitch down pat, everyone can be your best advocate where they go! The elevator pitch might consist of only one or two sentences but it’s probably the most important sentence you’ll write for your business so it’s worth investing in getting it spot on! 

Common Sales Deck Mistakes Purple Chia Encounter:

  1. Not customer focused – Talks too much about the company/product and not enough about how it will solve the problems of the user

  2. Not Direct – Too long and therefore loses the reader’s interest

  3. Rambles – Unclear or boring language

  4. Not unique – Does not explain your offer/ unique value proposition  

  5. No CTA – No call to action telling customers what to do next

  6. Does not reflect your brand – Not brand focused. Companies spend enormous amounts of money building brand awareness. All your presentations should fully represent your brand’s look, color, tone, and style. 

  7. Visually unappealing – Not visually powerful. Use strong visuals like graphs, infographics and tables will make your slides readily digestible, easy to scan for the main points, and more interesting to look at. 


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